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Amazing first three months!

What an amazing month March was! We are so humbled by the success we’ve seen thus far and it’s all thanks to the support of our customers, family, and friends. Since our launch we have had nothing but support and encouragement and the results are showing. 
Some key achievements thus far…
1. Named “Amazon’s Choice” for Biodegradable Toothbrushes
2. Reached the Top 100 list for manual toothbrushes on Amazon.
3. Sold over 500 units in the month of March!
This early success not only strengthens our future ability to produce high quality products but also allows us to give back as we set out to do. Every purchase of our biodegradable toothbrushes allows us to give back.
In the coming weeks we plan on cementing corporate partnerships that will allow us to further give back to the community. Stay tuned for more. #Humbled #SimpliSmile

2 thoughts on “Amazing first three months!

  1. Hello SimpliGood, I just got samples of your toothbrush and at first glace and one use, it is nice. I do have a question. Can you share where it is made? I ask for concern of carbon footprint impact. Thank you, Eduardo

    1. Hi Eduardo and thank you for your comment.

      Our toothbrushes are currently made in China. To your point we do look to have the manufacturing brought to the US in the future for the exact reason you state. Although we do try to use the least ecologically damaging modes of transportation available we are aware that the transit aspect of our supply chain can improve.

      Thank you again for your interest in our product.
      The SimpliGOOD Team

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