How It Started

How It Started.

Everybody has a “How it all started” story and we’re no different.

Every day billions of people wake up, shower, get dressed, and go on about their daily lives and in doing so we create waste. Some waste is good for the environment, some waste can be recycled, and some waste well…. is just waste.

Human’s create a lot of waste and one of the largest types of waste we create comes in the form of plastic. In fact, a recent article published by the National Geographic cites that a staggering 91% of all the plastics we create does not get recycled. (…) Which means that plastic waste ends up in landfills or worse, the open environment.

How do we go from plastic waste to SimpliGOOD? Good question.

I think it all started when our son was born. I’ve always been a person that likes minimal possessions, just ask my mother who has most of my discarded belongings from when I left for college, and when my wife and I had our son we found our selves consuming. I mean we just bought and consumed, and bought some more. Babies need a lot of things. Now we have all this “stuff”, from newborn accessories to toddler toys that we don’t have a use for anymore. What do I do with it? There are some obvious answers, yard-sale, donate, sell, hold onto it in the chance we have more children but my question goes deeper. “What do we do with it in the end?” Where does all this plastic go when we are done with it? Can I just throw my child’s highchair in the recycling bin when I’m done with it? Can I toss the bouncing, spinning, play-set, jumper thing in the recycling bin and the city waste department will take it and make water bottles out of it? The simple answer is “No”, must of the stuff my wife and I (family mostly) bought for our son’s upbringing will eventually get thrown in a landfill and will sit covered in earth for hundreds if not thousands of years.

So again… How did we get to starting SimpliGOOD? Well, where there is smoke there is fire. One evening when scrolling through my favorite social media app (cough… Facebook) I saw a post from a guy I went to high school with and he had started his own consumer products company making this simple but needed handyman accessory. “Cool” I thought, I should get one of those. But over the course of the next few days that smoke turned into a fire and ideas raced into my head. The one thing that kept coming back to me was all of the plastic “stuff” sitting up in my attic and that I wanted to do something or make something that would help people reduce the amount of plastic waste they create. Our initial product idea’s were geared around baby and toddler accessories and how to reduce the amount of plastic’s in them but how do we do that? Ah…. the power of internet search engines (cough…. Google). I got to researching different types of recyclable plastic and how they needed to be manufactured but soon realized manufacturing children’s toys is probably best left to the Melissa’s and Doug’s of the world.

After realizing I wasn’t going to be the next Melissa and Doug I went back to the drawing board. I did some research, still about plastics, but didn’t know what I was researching for. I found these toothbrushes made from bamboo, I know not plastic, but they were linked in this forum about ways to reduce the amount of plastics in your day to day life. I thought hmm…. bamboo toothbrushes, that’s seems interesting. Come to find out people actually really like them and use them but one of the biggest problems is that they are porous and bacteria, mold, mildew can grow on them! (yuck) But… I was onto something. One of the biggest reasons people love bamboo toothbrushes is because they are biodegradable. Ah-ha! If I could make a biodegradable toothbrush that didn’t collect mold and bacteria maybe people would buy them?

But toothbrushes? Yep… Toothbrushes and everyone needs one! So after seven month’s of research, development, and manufacturing here we are. SimpliGOOD, a company focused not just on toothbrushes but on reducing plastic waste by making the simple things in our lives better for us and the environment.

Thank you,
Adam & The SimpliGOOD Family.

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